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"This is a service that is focused on style-conscious men who don't want to spend thousands on surgery

"NewFade presents a unique hair replacement solution for men...unlike many of the pharmaceutical solution on the market today, there are no adverse side effects"

"The rejuvenation of the hairline will be televised."





  • Hair system in the style of your choice
  • Hair Analysis Appointment
FREE Services [paid for by NewFade]
  • Install by a NewFade Cerfified Stylist
FREE Perks
  • Hair care bundle
  • style and hair care guide
  • customer support
  • access to members only area



Purchase the look of your dreams or a style that would suit you the most.

Rethinking hair loss.

By focusing on style and practicality, you never have to worry about the state of your hair loss again.

Medication With Side Efffects

Drugs such as Finsateride can affect your testosterone causing sexual dysfunction

Risky Surgery

Hair Transplants cost thousands with no guarantee of results

Hiding Under Hats

Covering the problem is not going to do anything to boost your confidence

Loose Hair Fibers

Applying hair fibres worrying if it'll rub off

why newfade hair systems make sense for you.


Attached to your scalp with a strong adhesive or tape that holds for many weeks

Transforming men's hair loss since sept' 2019

3000+ newfade hair systems installed.


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For the most part, the longevity of the hair system depends on how well you look after it. With good and consistent care, it will last up to 3 months

This is straight forward, you can find some more information here.

When you purchase your hair system as part of the transformation package, you will receive access to our members only style and care guide content.

After you choose your hair, you’ll be sent an invite to book in for your hair analysis. During the appointment you will be able to select your stylist based on the stylist’s work and their salon’s location. We’ll help you book the appointment and answer any questions you may have.

NewFade Hair Replacement Systems are securely attached to the area of hair loss by a skin friendly adhesive.

The hair on the hair replacement system is cut, shaped and blended to provide a seamless finish.

Equipped with a full head of hair, your transformation is complete.

Yes! Thats because once you pay for the hair system you receive FREE bonus services including your hair analysis and installation as well as FREE hair care products.

No, that’s on us. Because it’s so important to choose a certified NewFade hair specialist to apply our hair system, we will cover 100% of the costs of your hair installation.

Hair analysis is an in-person appointment with a member of the NewFade Team in which you will have your hair loss pattern, hair texture and hair colour professionally analysed so that we can manufacture the most suitable hair system for you. 

Once you purchase your NewFade™ Transformation Package you will receive a welcome email which will direct you to a calendar where you can book your FREE hair analysis.

the founders

Between us, we have been suffering with hair loss for over 15 years and have been disappointed by various solutions. NewFade was built to solve hair loss in the most effective and stylish way.