The NewFade Transformation Package

Yes! That's because once you pay for the hair system you receive FREE bonus services including your hair analysis and hair system fitting as well as FREE hair care products.

Hair System

Yes you can. From playing rugby to going to the gym, our hair units can withstand almost any physical activity, however, some care is recommended while playing contact sports. You will receive instructions on how to do this during our maintenance guidance.

The hair units can get wet. You will be given instructions on how to maintain and keep it in the best possible condition.

Unfortunately, they do not prevent hair loss. Our hair units are designed to be a hair replacement solution for men and will not stop, prevent or contribute to further hair loss.

NewFade hair systems can last up to 3 months and sometimes a little longer if you follow our self-care instructions.

Hair Analysis

Hair analysis is an in-person appointment with a member of the NewFade Team in which you will have your hair loss pattern, hair texture and hair colour professionally analysed so that we can manufacture the most suitable hair system for you.

Once you purchase your NewFade™ Transformation Package you will receive a welcome email which will direct you to a calendar where you can book your FREE hair analysis.

At the moment our hair analysis locations are based in London, UK. When you purchase your NewFade Transformation Package™ for the first time, you will be sent an email to book in to a specific location in the city.

In the near future, we will have hair analysis locations that will be available to visit before your first fitting.

Yes, in order for us to determine your hair loss pattern, hair texture and colour you will need to have your hair at least 2 inches long (roughly 5 centimetres).

Fitting and Maintenance

No, that’s on us. Because it’s so important to choose a certified NewFade hair specialist to apply our hair system, we will cover 100% of the costs of your hair fitting.

For the time being, most of our certified NewFade stylists are based in London, UK. If you are a first time customer, when you are your hair analysis appointment, you will get select your which stylist you want.

In the near future, we will have stylists all over the UK for you to choose from.

1. NewFade Hair Replacement Systems are securely attached to the area of hair loss by a skin friendly adhesive.

2. The hair on the hair replacement system is cut, shaped and blended to provide a seamless finish.

3. Equipped with a full head of hair, your transformation is complete.

When you purchase your hair system as part of the transformation package, you will receive FREE hair care products and also access to our members only style and care guide content.

If you aren't keen on re-fitted it yourself, you can book a Maintenance appointment via our members only app. This will be sent to you once you have had your first fitting.

Don’t have an answer to your question? Please email us at info@newfade.co.uk