the newfade story

Cyril and I have known eachother since we were toddlers, and I met Moses when I was in medical school. These two guys are my closest friends and they’re the first guys who I told about my hair loss experience. 

The funny thing is that since then, they also started experiencing hair loss and we have been able to relate to each other's experiences. 

I’m a medical doctor and while in medical school I started to really experience hair loss. It was in my third year after trying different options that I decided to go bald. I tried hair fibres but they blew off, and didn’t look natural. I tried medication but experienced side effects that forced me to stop. Lastly, I spoke to a hair transplant surgeon who quoted me far more than I could afford. It was because of frustration that I started shaving bald, I just wanted control back. 

Unfortunately, I still felt like something was missing. I was fairly comfortable with the bald look, but I still felt that I could not express myself through style. In 2018 I came across the hair unit, also known as the hair system and I knew that historically they were seen as a bit of a joke. I still felt that there was a way to make them work, by combining them with unbelievable styles. I tried it myself and was blown away by the results. I sat down with Cyril and Moses and we started to plan how we could provide this solution to more men. 

After we launched we came to realise that this was a problem for all men, and today we are on a mission to help solve men’s hair loss with style.

Joel, Co-Founder & CEO

our approach

Our approach is simple: Quality is the most important thing. The Hair Systems just need to be exceptional. Second, we manufacture our systems responsibly with human hair. And finally, try our best to offer our Hair Systems at accessible prices.

our guarantee

We pride ourselves on ensuring the 100% satisfaction of our valued customers. The results speak for themselves. Check out our testimonials and reviews.