If you are like us, when you first came across hair systems you were probably wondering what they were, how they work and what exactly you can do with them. Here we will break down everything to do with hair systems and introduce you to our bespoke NewFade Hair Systems. We will also take you through how you can maintain and style your hair systems.

What is a Hair System?

A hair system (also known as a Hair Unit, Non-Surgical Hair Replacement, Hairpiece, Male Wig or Toupee) is real human hair or artificially-made hair attached to a base material, typically made of lace or polyurethane (PU). These systems are worn to cover a part of the scalp that has lost hair. 

Hair systems are said to be ‘non-surgical’ because they provide men who have male pattern baldness (medically known as androgenetic alopecia) an opportunity to conceal their hair loss with an immediate, effective and stylish solution without the need for any surgery.

It is securely attached to your scalp using a skin friendly adhesive or tape. Every new system should be fitted professionally; however they can easily be taken off and reapplied at home.

What are the different types of Hair Systems?

Now that you know what a hair system is we’ll dive into the different hair systems and what NewFade provides. 

The hair used in hair systems are mostly real human hair, however often they can also be artificial hair. Hair systems which are made from human hair provide you with the benefit of a natural blend meaning that you’ll have a discreet and seamless hair system.

Human hair systems can come in a variety of different colours, curl textures and lengths. It can be a little difficult to find out what you need on your own. At NewFade, we make your hair system based on these factors after your hair analysis appointment.

We pride ourselves in catering for all hair types; meaning that we provide hair systems for men with afro-textured hair, straight hair and curly hair (multi-racial hair types). Our happiness guarantee is there to give you peace of mind throughout this process.

NewFade Hair Systems are hand-made by our very own production team which gives us the freedom to design the systems to each style and hair texture. It is created by binding human hair strands into our Invisi-Lace™ (a High Definition Lace).

Invisi-Lace™ is a type of lace called High Definition (HD), which is thin, undetectable yet durable when laid on your scalp. This allows you to engage in active lifestyles and maintain your scalp health whilst the tiny holes allow your skin to “breathe”. 

The Hair Systems you find from other companies, Amazon or Aliexpress are generic systems made as what are called “stock units.” They aren’t made with style or personalisation in mind, which is why many times the texture might not be correct and the colour or style that you want might be hard to achieve. You also have no guarantee if and when it goes wrong.

Combining this with unclear lifestyle guidelines you may find on Google or Youtube will mean that your hair system lasts for a shorter period of time or may not be looking as good as you want it to look.