Taking care of your hair system is one of the best ways to ensure that it lasts for as long as possible.

Not only is hair care important but so is scalp care, which is not talked about often enough. Looking after both your hair and scalp is the secret to getting the most out of your hair system purchase and we’re giving you some of the best care tips for both.

The most important things to do:

◆ Removing and re-fitting your system every 10 days at least - the more frequently your remove, wash and reinstall your hair system the longer it will last.

◆ Purchase self-care products, especially hair conditioner which keeps the hair soft and moisturised.

◆ Using additional services such as refit appointments to get a professional reinstallation including a haircut or a haircut alone if your hair is overgrown.

To get the most out of your hair system, we advised that you follow our members-only guidance when you purchase your package.

Removing your hair system

In order to maintain scalp hygiene we advise for your hair systems to be taken off every 10 days or so. This gives you an opportunity to wash your scalp before re-applying it. It is important to note that between hair system removals you can still wash the hair on the sides and back, and you can even wash your unit with it on your head from time to time. 

Removing your hair system safely can be done using soap and water or with specific lace remover that breaks down the adhesive.

When you purchase your Transformation Package™, we provide you with member’s only access to full guidance on removing your system and washing your scalp.

How to re-install your hair system

When you join NewFade, we provide you with videos on how to do this, but you can do it in a few easy steps. 

We advise you to do this every 10 days after your first hair system fitting with a NewFade Certified Stylist, and to get a professional refit after around 6 weeks for best results.

Steps to re-installing your hair systems:

1. Remove your hair system, with NewFade unit lace remover

2. Wash your scalp thoroughly

3. Condition and wash your hair system

4. Allow your it to dry

5. Spray scalp protection solution on the scalp 

6. Apply lace tape to hair system

7. Apply the unit to the scalp from the hairline backwards

8. Comb the unit into your hair and check all around the head with a back mirror.

Generally this how we would advise it to be done however each NewFade hair system requires a slightly different technique, which is provided with your specific style of choice.