How can I prevent hair loss? - How can I treat/tackle hair loss?

How can I prevent hair loss? - How can I treat/tackle hair loss?

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Hair loss essentially is the loss of hair from the scalp or any part of the body. This is a common occurrence faced by both men and women alike, with the UK seeing more than 1 million cases per year.


Hair loss can be temporary, lasting anything from several months or years, to being completely permanent at any given age. 

The causes of hair loss range from autoimmune conditions to genetic factors, tissue scarring from injury, medical conditions, stressful experiences and strenuous hairstyles. Risk factors such as family history, age, poor nutrition, medical conditions and stress can also play a part.


Hair loss may manifest itself in several ways. These range from gradual thinning of hair on the head, circular or patchy areas of baldness, sudden loss or loosening of hair or complete full body hair loss.


There are several treatments and hair replacement options available to help manage or combat the condition. These include medications, surgery, laser therapy, wigs and hairpieces, however there is no proven method to prevent hair loss.


Here, we will touch hair replacement units as a solution.


Hair systems, man weaves or man units, are non-surgical, non-invasive, and temporary solutions to hair loss and hair thinning. Though they are not permanent, they give you complete control of your hair volume, colour, style, and texture. Thanks to their lack of side effects and the freedom they provide anyone suffering from hair loss, hair units have become safe, popular and much cheaper alternatives to hair transplant surgeries.


Toupees, hairpieces, and wigs are all examples of these systems, though the materials used have improved immensely over the years to make them indistinguishable from your natural hair texture. The hair itself is either attached directly to the scalp or onto a lace or a polyurethane base.


NewFade offers a few options to customise your unit to completely fit your needs. Offering a range of textures and styles, we can create a completely personalised and undetectable finish, to fit your needs.


For those looking for hairline restoration options, the Ultra-minimal hairline unit is designed for those with a receding hairline. Receding occurs when the middle and/or the corners of your hairline track further back than their original position. This hair unit is perfect for those looking to restore their hairline to provide a complete and natural look.


The Minimal and Luxe hair units are designed for men with more general hair loss. General hair loss is classified as affecting the top of your head, crown and possibly the hairline. 

These hair units are ideal for men with larger areas of hair loss.


Whilst genetic hair loss cannot be prevented, NewFade offers several options to prevent the appearance of hair loss with a range of styles.


For more info, follow the link below to see the styles on offer. Please do not hesitate to get in touch, if you do not see your desired look available.